1st Birthday fun

I’m not exclusively a wedding photographer, birthdays are a firm favourite especially when they are milestones like wee Molly here! A relaxed, non formal approach is a must when photographing youngsters – you’ve got to go with the flow. Get in touch [click here] if you’re keen to get some birthday memories documented.

Surprise Party! || Loks Bar & Kitchen

Happy New Year! 2016 was busy, but a great year photographically for me. Lots of fun events and weddings (I even managed to get married myself!) The only thing that was neglected was my blog, so it’s time to recap some highlights. One highlight worth a mention was a surprise birthday party I was asked to […]

The Worlds (Saturday)

The morning of the World Pipe Band Championships started slightly different this year, for me at least. For the first time, the final round of grade 1 had already been decided [yesterday] so there was no live worlds stream to watch first thing. That left only one thing for it, get down to the green […]

The Worlds (Friday)

After what has been a busy week of Piping Live, the World Pipe Band Championships kicked off today with the Grade 1 qualifying heats at Glasgow Green. The two arena set up worked very well, giving every band a chance to play into the main stage and then swapping over for the second performance. I […]