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The Worlds (Friday)

After what has been a busy week of Piping Live, the World Pipe Band Championships kicked off today with the Grade 1 qualifying heats at Glasgow Green.

2014_08_2583 2014_08_2621

The two arena set up worked very well, giving every band a chance to play into the main stage and then swapping over for the second performance. I stayed around the second arena for ease of getting closer to the bands, and there was mention of no photos from arena one if you were a registered photographer.

2014_08_2706 2014_08_2710

The weather even played ball, staying dry and a fairly constant temp, certainly not the forecast for the big day tomorrow however! I’ve got a few shots of most of the grade 1 bands, so the plan for tomorrow is to float around the rest of the contest and hopefully catch most of the grade 2 final. If you see me around, say hi…

Full gallery of photos can be found here, with more added throughout the weekend…


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