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The Worlds (Saturday)

The morning of the World Pipe Band Championships started slightly different this year, for me at least. For the first time, the final round of grade 1 had already been decided [yesterday] so there was no live worlds stream to watch first thing. That left only one thing for it, get down to the green for 9.30am…

2014_08_2831I found a seat in the small stands and watched all of the grade 2 heats with the exception of Bucksburn, St Finbarr and Portland Metro (there were time clashes) and it was great. No running around trying to catch bands all over the park. For once I felt like a spectator taking to odd snap too of course. It did feel like I set up camp, with the brollie perched against the railings to stay as dry as possible, but it worked fine. My personal highlights in the heats were NY Metro, St Thomas Alumni & Buchan – some great, controlled MSR playing in conditions, at times were quite challenging.

As with most of my posts, it wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the weather; dull with showers throughout, brightening in the evening.




2014_08_2827 2014_08_2927

The eventual winners Bagad Brieg [above], played well enough to qualify but really shone in the Medley contest later in the afternoon.

So was the new Worlds format a success? I think so, for definite. It felt like a one day event, with the bonus of having some grade 1 action on the Friday. The park was well set out again, and a surprise bonus was the licensing of the whole park – perfect for listening to a band and sipping a mildly cold prosecco (if that’s your way) Only gripe would be about the Grade 2 final. Contested in the main arena (excellent), covered by the BBC on the live stream (even better) but the stands were empty and it was 8 deep at the fencing. They wouldn’t let people sit in the empty seats as it was ticketed – maybe for next year they could have the Grade 1 event the only ticketed time…

What’s next then? There is still a few more contests, albeit minor local contests, but I’m not sure if I’ll get out to any, we’ll see.

You can see my photos from both days at the Worlds here.

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